Manufacturing and development

Manufacturing and development

We continue research on a daily basis in order to further improve our level of planning and development, inspection of existing products, and maintenance of quality.

We offer unquestionable quality and the latest technology on the basis of our 70 years of experience in machining.


Quality inspection system

High-precision products require precise inspection. Completed products are thoroughly examined at our Inspection Office.

Since the work demands precision, the Inspection Office is equipped with automatic inspection tools and is kept separate from the factory production line. Every finished product is examined here.


Acquisition of ISO9001 & ISO14001

We have acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 as we continue working as a reliable company that responds to the needs of society.

We manufacture to a quality that customers can rely on, while retaining links with the local community and harmony with the environment, and we will continue to maintain and improve our value as a company that satisfies its employees and clients.

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Research and development system

We are working hard to introduce and research new technologies in order to make products for the evolving IT and information systems industries. We also operate training schemes in technology and technical skills in order to improve the precision of metalwork and thereby maintain our position as a high-level organization.



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